Set of Hand Removing & Hairspring Levers, Bergeon Swiss

Bergeon 30020 - Swiss Made
The top quality collection of hand held levers for removing watch and clock hands, plus for turning & setting & reaming watch hairspring Collets.
  • Assortment of Levers
  • Wooden Case
  • Avoid potential damage
  • Bergeon Swiss
For turning & setting hairspring collets
  • Bergeon 30019-P: Hole Ø0.45mm x Exterior Ø1.20mm
  • Bergeon 30017-G: Hole Ø0.70mm x Exterior Ø1.80mm
Broaches for hairspring collets
  • Bergeon 30015-P: Ø0.40 to Ø0.90mm
  • Bergeon 30015-G: Ø0.70 to Ø1.25mm
Pairs of levers for hairspring collets
  • Bergeon 30013: width 1.70mm, length 105mm
  • Bergeon 30014: width 2.50mm, length 105mm
Pairs of levers for hands
  • Bergeon 30011: width 7mm, length 105mm
  • Bergeon 30012: width 9mm, length 105mm

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