Platinol Antique Aging

Aging Chemical - Grey to Black - Silver Oxidation - Platinol

Platinol puts an antique finish on silver and copper from grey to black. It does not have a strong potent smell as other oxidation fluids which makes it user friendly.

Silver Oxidation, "The Scandinavian Way" the finish is superior and the colour is richer.

  • Platinol is used directly from the bottle without heating
  • Pour a small amount from the bottle into a plastic container, not metal as this will cause the Platinol to decompose giving of dangerous gas with some metals.
  • Clean the item to be oxidised in an ultrasonic, electrolytic cleaning bath or scrubbing with detergent. It is important not to have any oil or grease, lacquer or polishing compound on the surface or this may result in a patchy finish.
  • Using either immersion or a brush to cover the area of silver, silver plate or copper with the liquid for a few seconds. Rinse in water and relive back if necessary to expose the base colour of the metal.
  • Do not pour the used solution back into the original bottle. This will shorten the life of the solution. The used Platinol solution can be used over and over again but keep it separate from unused solution in a plastic container with an air tight lid.

Health and safety
  • Platinol is a low risk corrosive material but sensible precautions are advisable. Please refer to the
  • Platinol heath and safety data sheet (PDF) for further details. Do not drink or mix with acids. Wear gloves and eye and skin protection, avoid breathing the fumes, keep away from children and pets.
  • Label bottles correctly

  • Platinol has a long shelf life if kept in a sealed plastic container away from sunlight. A cool dark environment helps prolong the operation life of the liquid.

  • Small amounts less than 100ml can be mixed with 5 Litres of tap water and flushed away into sewage but not directly into a water course with aquatic life.
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