Lyre (Luxury), Hermle

Pendulums that are specifically to brand (Hermle) have the dimensions given to enable them to be universally used on any clock.
  • Ø270mm bob
  • 1120mm overall length
  • Gridiron Style
  • Polished brass bob with "Lyre" style
  • Can be used for any clock
  • Can be used for Hermle movements stamped with "114cm"
  • Made in Germany
  • Manufactured by Hermle
  • Overall length x bob diameter (Pendulum length stamp on Hermle Movement)*
*The Hermle pendulum length is stamped on the back of the movement, next to or underneath the calibre. The "cm" length is measured from the suspension pinning point to bottom of the pendulum tip, including the pendulum leader and suspension spring (supplied separately)
The item weights displayed in the basket are the carrier's volumetric weights
Lyre (Luxury), Hermle
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