LiquaGlass (Transparent Moulds), Castaldo USA

  • Crystal clear, see through moulds
  • Injecting Castaldo LiquaGlass moulds is easy because you can SEE the wax as it is injected
  • Makes strong, tough & flexible production moulds at a fraction of the price of clear silicone rubbers
  • LiquaGlass is easy to measure, de-bubble.
  • LiquaGlass cures at room temperature in 24 hours with 0% shrinkage
  • Easy to use/mix 1:1 mix ratio
  • Lets you make moulds of delicate objects that would not survive the heat and pressure of the normal vulcanization process
  • Thin & easy to pour
  • 1Kg tubs
  • Requires no vulcaniser!
  • For full instructions see the PDF link above
  • For use with liquid mould frames, see from code C52347
  • Made in USA
  • Castaldo LiquaGlass*
*LiquaGlass is a registered trademark of Castaldo USA
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