Lathe Universal Runner

Bergeon 1766-31

  • Centring plate, with tapered holes from 0.15 to 1.40mm and 8 points from 0.15 to 0.50mm
  • Double centring runner
  • Centring run for countersinking
  • Drillstock runner for Ø1mm drills
  • Drillstock runner for Ø1.5mm drills
  • Clamping key

The universal runner is used for fitting clock and watch pivots, a skilled worker can fit pivots measuring as little as 0.15mm.

Two operations are generally used for this work:
  • 1. Choose a drill that fits easily into the selected hole of centring plate
  • 2. Mark the centre with the centring runner, then drill with a bit that is smaller than the hole selected, in either case, lubricate generously
  • The countersink stakes must be ground accurately on the centre with an Arkansas stone
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