Jewellers Rouge Powder

Craftsman Original - Jewellers Rouge Powder - Traditional
  • Jewellers Red Rouge Powder is very popular to mirror finish gold and silver. Can be used with a soft, handle, bristle brush, felt buff sticks, leather buff sticks and Selvyts cloths. Simply wet touch with the rouge to impregnate. Apply even pressure and you will see the item return to its mirror finish.
  • Very useful for polishing jewellery such as gold rings, chains, bangles and bracelets. Excellent for achieving a mirror finish on large silver items buy hand such as candle sticks, trays, teapots and trophies. Jewellers rouge powder can also be used on mops, like loose fold cloth, cotton and leather, wet the mop so it is damp, apply the rouge powder and polish giving a very traditional craftsman-esque finish.
  • Ever had an MOT car failure? Or a light scratch on glass? simply buff out that scratch with jewellers rouge powder. Mix with methylated spirit (C4357), mix the powder in a small container to make a toothpaste texture. Use a Selvyt cloth (P6522) and rub over the scratch in a circular motion, wash of with water and repeat. Please note this process will not buff or polish out deep marks or scratches.
  • 100g jar
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