Elma Solvex VA

Elma Solvex VA - The new standard for the use of flammable solvents in watch movement cleaning.

  • Multi frequency Ultrasonic & Vacuum Technology Cleaning
  • Self Contained Discharge of Toxic Solvent Vapours
  • Explosion Proof, TUV Rheinland Safety Approved & CE Certified
  • The only watch cleaning machine with ATEX certification

Elmasolvex VA uses the best ultrasonic cleaning technology combined with vacuum inducing technology, whilst eliminating the grave threat of fire or explosion with its self-contained vapour filtration system.

A CE certified and TUV certificated safety requirement, this in house vacuum pump removes any risk of fire or explosion, by controlled discharge of solvent vapours. The use of ultrasound cleaning technology is thus legally possible and permitted.

  • Pre-set or individually programmable cleaning cycles
  • Cleaning and rinsing using multi-frequency ultrasound in rotation or oscillation process
  • Parts are cleaned in a chamber in which cleaning and rinsing solutions are changed automatically
  • Vacuum technology in this chamber also reaches difficult-to-access places and removes all gas bubbles from the movements and parts
  • Ex-certified solvent-based cleaning of watch movements (TÜV Rheinland)
  • Protection against solvent vapours and odours using extraction or self-contained filter system
  • Machine can be completely rotated, media containers and connections are very easily accessible
  • Media containers are easy to replace and rinse out. Integrated particle filter for increasing the service life of the cleaning and rinsing solutions
  • Closed system ensures minimal evaporation of cleaning fluid
  • Filters through the fluid containers and cleaning chamber ensure no lost parts
  • Quiet operation and containment of fumes and smells make for a better, safer working environment (workshop or retail)
  • Wide range of practical accessories; see accessories catalogue
  • 220 to 240 Volt (230 to 110 volt converter please see our code A52044)
  • CE marked
  • Made in Germany

Ultrasonic and vacuum technology guarantees
  • Maximum cleanliness due to removal of interfering gas bubbles
  • Explosion safety due to the Ex-protection measures integrated in the machine
  • Ex-certified for flammable solvents with flashpoint >= 12 °C

Machine Includes:
  • Ø80mm Basket frame, anti-static, Elma 105 3905 (R37650)
  • Liquid container x4, Elma 103 8653 (R37673)
  • Exhaust outlet tubes

Optional Extras:
  • Ø80mm Basket set complete (R37640)
  • Ø80mm Basket set complete, rilsan coated (R37641)
  • Ø80mm Basket frame (R37649)
  • Ø80mm Basket frame, anti-static (R37650) (one already included with machine)
  • Ø64mm Basket set complete, including frame, lid & adapter (R37642)
  • Ø64mm Basket frame (R37667)
  • Ø64mm Basket adapter (R37668)
  • Ø64mm Basket frame lid (R37669)
  • Activated carbon unit (R37643)

  • Ø600mm x 606mm (Height), 50Kg

The item weights displayed in the basket are the carrier's volumetric weight
Elma Solvex VA
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