Elma Multi System Modulgrav 2

Elma Modulgrav 2 - Multi System Engraver - Made in Germany
The all-rounder among the engraving machines
Technical improvements:
  • Engraving Precision
  • Clear Font Size Indication
  • Built in Letter Stretching Device
How it works - you can build up your functionality as and when you desire
Start with the Modulgrav 2 "Base Module" which includes a diamond holder, mouse and
now incorporates the letter stretching device (previous purchase separately) along with
other technical improvements over the original.
  • Diamond Holder
  • Mouse
  • Letter Stretching device
Add attachments that suit your demand, the top sellers are the "inside ring engraving attachment"
and the "outside ring engraving attachment".
There is also a Letter Holding Template Rail to adapt Gravograph Letters: Item E32110
  • Accurate, simple to operate, quick to change over, space-saving and economical
  • Flat engravings on jewellery pieces and signboards by diamond or cutter
  • Step less, reproducible variation of font size 0.8 – 6.5mm (via adjusting screw and front scale)
  • Font stretching device up to 100% (for short names the font can be stretched by up to 100%)
  • Wide range of optional accessories, such as different fonts, templates, special characters and monograms
  • Used on gold, silver, platinum brass copper titanium palladium and stainless steel
  • Enhance your sales add a quality service to your retail customers there is nothing like putting a name or a message on your jewellery/gifts
  • The market leader engraving unit for the last 10 years
  • Elma Modulgrav 2 improved new design features is already put its place as a world favourite engraving machine
  • What you will find with the Ema Modulgrav 2 its easy simplicity to set up and engrave your customer items quickly
  • Used by retail/jewellers, silversmiths , engravers for the trade arts/craft and mobile phone services
  • You can engrave rings, pendants, bracelets, lockets, I d tags, lighters, pens, sun glasses, small cups/tankards small trophies plaques novelty gifts and mobile phones (with metal covers)
  • A large range of attachments letters numbers and picture/occasions messages available please see PDF
Technical details Basic module :
Unit external dimensions:
  • Width 350mm
  • Depth 250mm
  • Height 580mm
  • Weight 10.5 kg
Elma’s Principle UK Distributor
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