Econo-Sil, Castaldo

Castaldo Econo-Sil
  • Castaldo Econo-Sil
  • 5lb (2.27Kg) box of ready cut strips
  • Econosil is the fast & easy way to mould and cast almost anything in metal
  • Hard, firm, flexible & low cost
  • Firmer moulds mean less variation in final cast weights, greater detail and less distortion
  • Moulds compress less during injection and thus avoid squeezing off wax flow through thin channels
  • Ideal for filigree and other fine details
  • Rubber shrinkage is only 1.1%
  • Moulds made of Castaldo Econosil cut like butter & give waxes with a high shine finish
  • Waxes self-release easily, no spray or powder required!
  • Excellent for low temperature metal direct casting
  • It can be used to cast lead, pewter, tin, zinc and other low temperature melting alloys
  • See PDF's in category information for fact sheet and technical information
  • Each strip is 73 x 455 x 3.2mm (width x length x thickness)
  • 5lbs box
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