Delft Clay Casting

Kit includes:
  • 2 kg Delft Clay
  • Set of 60mm Aluminium Rings
  • QR code link to instructional video (also see video link above)
  • Users Manual

The Delft Clay Method of Casting became more widely known when the pupils of Hans Karreman started using the method and colleagues became interested in this finding. Gradually the demand for the Delft Clay Method of Casting increased.

The Delft Clay Method of Casting consists of a mould and mouldable Delft clay, in which objects can be cast remarkably sharp and fast.

The Delft Clay is reusable and cannot dry out due to it's special composition. For designing his jewellery clock and watch parts, the Delft Clay method of casting started to play a more and more important role. It enabled him to make castings of the basic forms for his designs. Also for restoration of jewellery and objects, the Delft Clay method of casting becomes more important.

Many jewellery and objects, which used to be cast by a professional casting company, he could now cast in his own atelier.

Clock Parts:
Brass acorns, balls, rosette/patera, Garland case ornaments, clock case ornaments, escutcheons, clock feet, finals, door pulls, door handles, hinges, fugit plaques, spandrel clock case corners, regulator top crowns, cuckoo clock top crowns, pendulums weights, plaques, number clock.

Watch Parts:
cases, bezels, bracelet links, buckles, pocket watch decorations, pocket watch case parts.

Rings, bracelets, ear rings, jewellery bracelet links, clasp parts, chain links, mounts, pendants, lockets, badges, toe rings, bangles, medals, plaques.

Antique Furniture:
door pulls, decorative handles, corner decorations etc.
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