Cutting & Burnishing Compounds

Burnishing Compound (Galley 8 or Barrel Brite):
  • Galley 8, also known as Barrel Brite
  • A special formulated burnishing compound
  • Acts as a lubricant between your media and the item being polished
  • Enhances the polishing process and the lifespan of your media
  • Offers a great consistency with outstanding results assured
  • Complements the unique ceramic and steel media shapes and materials
  • Safe to use with neoprene rubber acrylic and polyurethane drums
  • Has a rust inhibitor for carbon shot, to prevent rusting
  • Use 50g of powder to 1ltr of water for the ideal mixture
  • Produces minimal levels of foam, compared to alternative compounds
  • Ammonia based which offers the most potent cleaning and burnishing strength
  • Wear chemical resistant gloves (G9907) and safety goggles (G6257) whilst using this solution
  • Can be used with PB Cutting powder (C4904) to reduce the rate of grinding
  • Can also be used in magnetic finishers
  • 1 kg

PB Cutting Compound (C4904):
  • Use with ceramic Barrelling Cones (B4903) to de-burr and grind metals
  • Gives you a matt finish like you have used abrasive paper
  • Many items can be semi finished in your Barrelling Unit
  • No more intensive labouring getting quantities of work out to your customers one piece at a time
  • You can put your work straight into metal barrelling shot for polishing after you have done this process
  • 1kg

Varying results can be achieved by using different combinations of shot shapes & material combined with varying concentrations of barrelling compounds
Cutting & Burnishing Compounds
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