Bench Tin (Jewellers)

Traditional Jewellers Bench Tins
A bench tin is placed under a Jeweller's Bench (code B4195). It is fitted by screwing five brackets with wood screws (not supplied) onto the base of the bench. The traditional bench tin is semi circular to fit densely against the semi circular shape of the bench's base.
Features of a Jeweller's Bench tin are:
  • The tin's edge allows for storage of tools such as pliers, this bench still can store up to twenty pairs.
  • Brush filings, scarp metals, polishing powders, residue and any left over form working, into the built in Lemel Tray. This is a holed, square metal piece that slides into the bottom of the bench tin at the middle. This catches any lemel that is swept into the bench tin, this is integral to use if you are working in precious metals. Regularly empty the lemel tray and store, cash in at a bullion dealer to refine the scrap. You will be surprised how much money or a bullion credit you can receive, particularly when then metal price is high.
Size and specification
  • 620 x 240 x x 310mm (length x height x width)
  • Length of Tool hanging brackets 200mm left and right side fitted
  • Circumference of Bench Tin 910mm
  • Five brackets at the top of bench tin, 200mm spaced apart, diameter of wood screws
    needed 4mm to clamp on Jewellers Bench.
  • Diameter of Lemel sieve 2cm
  • Lemel tray size 90 x 75 x 20mm
  • Black powder coated finish
Weight 5kg
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