Bangle (Wrist Measuring) Gauge, Metal Rings

This Bangle gauge has 27 individual bangle rings marked with numbers 1 to 27. Try the different bangles until the suitable size is found, measure across the inner diameter of the metal bangle size and multiply by 3.14 which will give the circumference. For example the number 27 gauge is 79mm diameter multiplied by 3.14 gives the circumference as approximately 248mm.

Each ring has a number marked on it, below are the corresponding sizes, diameter (Ø) and circumference (C):

1. Ø38, C119mm, 2. Ø39, C122mm
3. Ø40, C125mm, 4. Ø42, C131mm
5. Ø44, C138mm, 6. Ø45, C141mm
7. Ø47, C147mm, 8. Ø48, C150mm
9. Ø50, C157mm, 10. Ø51, C160mm
11. Ø53, C166mm, 12. Ø54, C169mm
13. Ø56, C175mm, 14. Ø58, C182mm
15. Ø59, C185mm, 16. Ø61, C191mm
17. Ø63, C197mm, 18. Ø65, C204mm
19. Ø66, C207mm, 20. Ø67, C210mm
21. Ø69, C216mm, 22. Ø70, C219mm
23. Ø72, C226mm, 24. Ø74, C232mm
25. Ø75, C235mm, 26. Ø77, C241mm
27. Ø79, C248mm
Bangle (Wrist Measuring) Gauge, Metal Rings
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