Auto-Print Kit, Witschi

Witschi Auto-Print Kit
No need to buy a printer, simply hook up your testing machine to a PC with the software installed and see your results displayed on screen (ready for printing or emailing). Compatible with windows operating system.
  • Witschi Watch Expert 3 (Cousins ref: T20214)
  • Witschi Watch Expert 4 (Cousins ref: T46232)
  • Witschi Q1 (Cousins ref: T19427)
  • Witschi Analyser Twin (Cousins ref: W34907)
  • Witschi Chronoscope S1 (G2) (Cousins ref: W37691)
  • Witschi Chronoscope X1 (Cousins ref: T32439)
  • Witschi ALC 2000
  • Witschi Proofmaster S (Cousins ref: W20802)
  • Witschi Proofmaster M (Cousins ref: W34905)
  • Elma Spheric Leak Detector (Cousins ref: W32404)
Kit Includes:
  • Software USB stick
  • AT link cable
  • RS232 cable
  • Instruction manual
The auto print software is free to download from the Witschi website with any new purchase of piece of Witschi equipment. To register your device and download the software visit Alternatively the software is available to purchase and store on a USB stick as a kit with the required cables & instruction manual provided.
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