Tap & Die Sets

Tap & Die Sets

Select a hole with a thread diameter less than the wire's diameter (to cut into the wire and from threads).
Always use cutting lube or Bees Wax, applying it where necessary while cutting a thread.
1. Clamp the bar/wire vertically in a vice.
2. Once the die has been secured in the holder, with the side screw, set the die down firmly onto the wire; turn the die clockwise. The die cuts into the wire as it threads the wire.
3. Continue to wind the die until the desired depth of thread is achieved.
4. Reverse the action and remove the die.

Taps: use to create interior threads for a screw or bolt.
1. Drill a hole that corresponds to the tap size to be used.
2. Insert the tap, turn a quarter and then retract.
3. Continue by turning a quarter at a time until the hole is completely tapped.
4. Keep taps free of shavings while tapping.

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