Solutions, Plating (Pen)

Quick reference guide for using pen plating solutions.

Please note these directions are in accordance with our plating/pen plating units, other systems may vary. See website links for necessary equipment and accessories for pen plating and further instructions.

Cousins pen plating solutions are particularly developed, formulated and concentrated to deliver rapid deposition rates and consistent results.

Available in a wide range of brilliant colours, all Cousins pen solutions are ready to use at room temperature.

1. It is essential to use the correct style pen when pen plating with a platinised titanium centre core. This is to obtain a full circuit contact and reduce the risk of contamination

2. To obtain a quality pen plating finish make sure your piece is highly polished and clean from grease/dirt.

3. Never touch or place your piece on a dirty surface once you have cleaned the item.

4. Electrolyte clean and Steam clean your surface before plating to get super bright finish

5. We recommend regular house hold tissue to rest the pieces during plating.

6. Cousins supply standard and fine pen plating tips. Before using in your pen ensure the nib is damp for good electro contact. Simply boil some tap water and soak your nib in it for 10 to 20 minutes.

7. Set the voltage to the manufacturer's recommendation which is stated on the bottle.

8. Apply Lacomit on areas, using a fine artist bush, where plating is not needed for fine accurate details. Use Lacomit Remover to remove.

9. Dip the pen nib into the solution so it's evenly coated on the pen tip. Place a small drop of solution onto the piece and move the pen around leaving about a 1mm gap between the surface and the nib. If a contact is made there will be a colour change on the surface and the solution will fizz. Pen plating solutions DO NOT work like a felt tip marker pen as you do not press onto the surface.

10. Remember pen plating solutions work best if you have a good electrolytic contact so make sure you have wired the unit correctly. Whilst plating take care to monitor the voltage on the meter, if it drops this confirms that a contact has been made.

  • Remember: the higher the quality of finish and cleanness of the piece will improve the quality of the plate.
Solutions, Plating (Pen)

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