Screwdriver Blades & Fixing Screws

Screwdriver Blades & Fixing Screws

Full range of screwdriver blades and fixing screws available from Switzerland.

For quick identification of blade sizes when ordering replacements use the color code system, measure, or see markings size found on the top end of the screwdriver.

Blade standards:
  • Cousins Swiss Style blades, top Swiss quality at extremely competitive prices
  • Cousins quality screwdriver blades, value for money
  • Standard A*F Swiss made from durable high alloy steel.
  • Extra high grade Bergeon Swiss hardened stainless steel very tough hard exceptional durability.
  • Standard Bergeon steel range made from high alloy steel durable and an old favorite amongst traditional watch repairers/makers.
  • High grade Bergeon non-magnetic high alloy screwdriver blades durable 100% anti-magnetic.
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