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Quick reference guide to set up your Gilding Salts

Please note these directions are in accordance with our plating unit, other systems may vary. See links below for necessary equipment and accessories for plating and further instructions.

1. Gilding Salts come in powder form which dilutes to one litre.
2. Ensure you have a clean one litre beaker and mix with 1000ml (1ltr) of distilled/deionised water.
3. Mix the powder complete to guarantee full effective results; any other mixture will weaken the full plating strength.
4. Gilding Salts must be heated in a plating unit to 60°C. Silver can be used at room temperature there is no need to heat up.
5. When plating with Gilding Salts it is essential to use a stainless steel anode
6. Whilst heating the plating solution evaporation may occur, in this instance simply top up with distilled/deionised water.
7. The voltage setting for plating with Gilding Salts is 4 to 6 volts.
8. Keep your solution covered when not in use and in a clean workshop environment to avoid contamination.

Gilding Salts
  • The super bright reflective surface complements brilliant diamond/gemstones settings.
  • Gilding Salts are corrosion/tarnish resistant solution and so is used universally across the world.
  • Gilding Salts will plate on all carats of gold, platinum and silver.
  • Gilding Salts will plate around a thousand rings depending on the size and surface area. This makes it a very economical solution for finishing.
  • Achieve two-tone effects by lacquering part of the piece before plating. The lacquered surface will not be plated and can be removed afterward by lacquer remover.
  • Steam clean your surface before plating to get super bright finish.
  • Remember the higher the quality of finish and cleanness of the piece improves the quality of the plate.

  • Each process deposits approximately one micron of precious metal
  • Additional microns can not be added by repeating this process
  • The only way to rectify an error is to re-finish and plate again
  • For plating of up to four microns see our Digital Micro Agitator (P5187)

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