Rubber Mini (Synthetic) EVE

Synthetic rubber polishers are harder and therefore better for removing greater amounts of material. They are more durable and last longer than their softer silicone counterparts. Natural rubber polishers made by other manufacturers are not as efficient, give poorer results & give off quite a smell when hot!

  • Airflex - Have a special porous structure, providing a higher airflow during use which reduces the friction heat. These are especially good for polishing silver as the friction heat can cause the silver to blacken during polishing

  • PT – Specifically designed for use on hard metals such as platinum, titanium and stainless steel

  • Technik - For use on a variety of non precious metal alloys. They are long lasting and durable

  • Heavy Duty Removing
  • Removing & Shaping
  • Stage 1: Coarse Reducing
  • Stage 2: Pre-Polish & Smoothing
  • Stage 3: Finial Finish (including matt & satin finish)
  • Stage 4: Super High Lustre Finish

EVE silicone finishers are leaders through innovation, quality, and precision.

These silicone-bonded general-purpose polishers, work quickly and efficiently on many materials, ensuring sparkling results all round! These silicone polishers offer palpable advantages for reducing and smoothing.

Pforzheim, a town of nearly 119,000 inhabitants in southwest Germany, at the gate to the Black Forest, is world-famous for its jewellery and watch-making industry. A German equivalent to London’s Hatton Garden or Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. As early as 50 years ago, when the very first polishers started being produced, Pforzheim goldsmiths were being supplied with silicone polishers. Now, all types of specialised polishers are being made to meet the ever increasing standard and demand of jewellery manufacturers.

Today EVE is used in a wide ranging spectrum of industries including jewellers, watchmakers, dentistry, lab work and engineers. We have a wide range of EVE finishers to suit your high demand production needs. See our full listings below and don’t forget our special bulk purchase price reductions!

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