Ring Measuring Sticks

Ring Measuring Sticks

Ring sizes are measured in different ways throughout the world and below you will find a large range that caters for all your customers needs. Available in various metals & finishes, nowhere has a larger choice available.

  • UK system: A to Z plus 6
  • US system: 1 to 15
  • ISO (used in France & Germany): 41 to 76 (matches the inner circumference of the ring in millimetres)
  • Euro/Continental (used in Italy & Spain): 1 to 36

Different materials of ring stick are suitable for different environments, and Cousins covers the lot. For example stainless steel ring sticks are popular in manufacturing and wholesaling where the ring stick is in constant use and needs to be hard wearing. However in a retail environment a lightweight and customer & staff friendly aluminium stick is more suitable and can be moved around a show room more easily (as well as being more aesthetically pleasing. The more traditional user can also choose from zinc or nickel.

A history of Wheatsheaf

In the early 1900's jewellers were experiencing difficulties and delays due to the sizing of rings as rapid growth penetrated the jewellery industry.

In 1920, Joseph Pepper of 3 Vyse Street Birmingham saw the need to develop a sizing standard in the manufacture of rings. The Trademark Wheatsheaf was pioneered here in this year to maintain an accurate and consistent scale of measurement to the entire trade. The Wheatsheaf scale of measurement became the industry standard across the UK to for the production of rings and their sizes.

In 1992 Wheatsheaf saw a need to expand its tool range to include ISO, USA and European standards. This enabled jewellers to have complete confidence to compete in the ever growing international market.
To this day all Wheatsheaf jewellery making tools are made to the same high standard and are checked by hand to maintain the uppermost accuracy, which ranges from a national to an international scale. All Wheatsheaf Jewellery Making tools have always carried the Wheatsheaf logo to identify that they are the one and only original Wheatsheaf product.

Please see PDF link below to view international finger sizing chart for cross referencing sizes
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