Precious Metal "Table" Scales

Click below and look at our large range of scales.
Choose from pocket to desk top to cater for your everyday weighing needs.

Please note every scale has a low battery indicator, see the instructions manual for the indication icon, when the battery is low this icon will flash.
Cousins Material House supplies all sizes of batteries for all scales.

It is important to use a good quality battery for the prolonged use. Also we advise to remove the old batteries when the scale is not in use, to prevent leaking in the scale.
We sell batteries at completive prices and in trade quantity.
Some scales ask for calibration to ensure the scale is set in order for it to read accurately.
Often moving scales even on short journeys can disrupt the scale's reading and hence will not read accurately.

We supply all calibration weights at completive prices.
See equipment>scales>calibration weights.

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