Pearl Drill Bits

Pearl Drill Bits

Something’s to know about Pearls…

The shape of a pearl is divided into three categories: spherical, symmetrical, and baroque.
The rarest and most valuable is the spherical or round pearl. These are judged on their degree of "sphericity" or roundness. While fine pearls that are perfectly round are extremely rare, the closer a pearl comes to being perfectly round, the more expensive it will be. Pearls with shapes such as teardrop or pear-shape are symmetrical pearls, and are judged on proportioning, outline, and good symmetry; that is, whether they have a nice, pleasing, and well-balanced shape.

Any strand of pearls should be well matched for shape, and when worn give the appearance of uniformity. Terms such as semi-round and semi-baroque are also used.

These are terms applied to pearls that are "out of round" but not so much that their irregular shape is interesting, or distinctive. These cost much less than other shapes.
Symmetrical pearls are less expensive than round pearls-although there are some exceptions-but much more expensive than baroque pearls, which are irregularly shaped pearls.

To see more information about pearls we supply a highly informative book called The book of Pearls by Kunz and Stevenson (CODE C9273)

  • Pearl Drills with a centre point and two side’s cutting edges are the most popular drills to set and drill pearls and is ideal for setting flat backed pearls.
  • Using conventional steel burrs can be problematic when drilling flat backed pearls, making dedicated pearl drills easily and essential to do the most complex job.
  • Once you have marked the setting location for the pearl(s) touch or push the centre point of the burr on to the setting to be drilled and commence burring clockwise and the drill will remain in is location whilst completing the perfect hole. This virtually eradicates any possibility of the drill moving/running away from the job. The two side cutting edges provides a precision horizontal cutting edge thus opening out the mount evenly.

Cousins Material House supplies a whole range of pearl drills and accessories which cater for all pearl setting, stringing, drilling, storage, etc.
Set your various shapes and sizes of pearls with our array of steel burr range.
Pearl Drill Bits
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