Millgrain Wheels

A Millgrain wheel is a petite, decorated wheel that leaves a trail of miniature balls when rolled along a sharp edge of metal.

  • Give customers a traditional craftsperson touch
  • The Millgrain effect is a very popular method for decoration especially on wedding rings and bangles
  • Our range of Millgrain wheels are made from carbon steel and are of the female 'raise effect" which leaves an indented pattern
  • Can be used both in a hand tool and on a lathe
  • Cousins also supply beading tools which will create the same effect but the pattern would be completed one stage at a time opposed to the advantageous roller motion created by the millgrain wheel (please see the illustration)
  • A millgrain wheel is a perfect time saver, allowing you to form a train pattern in a fraction of the time it would take with a graver

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