There is nothing like using a Micromotor as they are comfortable and easy to control, precision hand held machines. Very popular with Jewellers, Light Engineers, Glass Engravers, Clock/Watch Repairs, Plastics Fabricators, Furniture Antique Restoration and Arts & Craft sculptures.

Our best seller micro motors, fantastic for a wide variety of applications, such as de-burring, grinding, polishing, engraving, precision finishing and matt finishing. Being light and compact there are no awkward moving positions as if using a large rotary hand piece/machine

Some of the usages for various types of work as follow:
  • A excellent precision machine for the modern and traditional stone setter
  • Precision stock Removal in metal, plastics, wood, porcelain, resin, enamel, and glass
  • Deburring and levelling your metal for removal of casting flash marks
  • Grinding and shaping your various pieces
  • Polishing and mounting your items
  • Drilling and shaping holes
  • Grinding over done solder and welding seams
  • Texturing surface areas
  • Cutting slitting and grooving
  • Engraving various items such as name plates ID tags/bracelets ect
  • Ideal for diamond milling tool bits

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