These high quality Moebius watch and clock microgliss oils are recommended for all watch and clock bearings that are exposed to high pressure. A very thick oil with a high viscosity that you can use on mechanical and quartz watch movements to reduce the signs of wear and tear in the movement.

The Moebius group "Microgliss D" includes five oils with the same basic characteristics but different viscosities, load variants & temperature usage ranges.

Ranging from D1 up to highest viscosity D5 (most popular)

The basic raw materials for the Microgliss oils are special mineral oils in combination with highly refined hoof oils. Moebius Microgliss oils contain specially selected additives to extend the life span as weil as a synthetic organic molybdenum combination to increase the resistance to high pressure.

Thus, "Microgliss D" provides excellent reduction of friction, caused wear extremely high pressure resistance and superior lubricating capacity is required.

Microgliss C is mineral based and is improved by the addition of a fatty oil of high oiliness which provides high lubrication power & adherence properties, ideal in the watch industry for special problems like cup screws & centre wheels.

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