Menzerna Family of Compounds

Menzerna polishing compounds are used by the top Swiss watch houses & the most luxurious brands in the jewellery industry. With over 100 years of high standards & development these compounds have cutting edge manufacturing technology delivering the finest blended polishing pastes.

Finishing with Menzerna:
  • Heavy Cut (Stage 1): Fast and effective removal of deep cuts & sanding marks. Produces a brushed, satin finish
  • Medium Cut (Stage 2): Pre high gloss finish, eliminates general signs of wear and tear & any pre polishing marks
  • Finish (Stage 3): Final finishing, guarantees a brilliant high lustre mirror finish
  • Super Finish (Stage 4): Super final finishing, further gloss enhancement and elimination of micro scratches

Cut: 1 = minimum, 10 = Strong
Gloss: 1 = Minimum, 10 = Strong
Grease Content: Dry, medium or greasy

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