Magnetic Finishers (Polishing)

Magnetic Finishers (Polishing)

Magnetic finishing has often promoted itself as the best and easiest way to finish and burnish any non-ferrous metals. With stainless steel pins as small as Ø0.30mm in diameter and Ø5.00mm in length, they are able to work in areas such as undercuts, recesses, slots, etc, where no previous method has been found suitable.

Centrifugal magnetic finishing is quiet by comparison to many other forms of finishing. On soft non-ferrous metals, the finishing cycle can be as low as 30 minutes. This alone assures faster turnaround time on parts when compared to any other method. Centrifugal magnetic tumbling as an automated process addresses the most intricate and detailed parts imaginable in finishes where others fail. It should be noted that on large, smooth or flat surfaces the finish will appear frosted and a slight buffing or a dry finish is recommended.

  • Easy cleaning on precious metals, finished rings, bracelets or earrings
  • Jewellery with stones in? No problem
  • The quietest form of machined finishing
  • The quickest form of machined finishing
  • Non abrasive cleaning, no precious metal lost
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