Loupe Triplets & Loupe Chains

Cousins presents a large selection of loupes, triplets and loupe chains.

Our range of robust pocket loupes is popular in a wide range of professions and hobbyists, including jewellery, precious metal hallmark viewing, coin inspection, gemmology, geology, printing, stamp collectors etc.

Triplet loupes are considered the very best of hand magnification technology compared to contemporary eye pieces because they are specifically manufactured with three lenses which are knitted together. Their combination eliminates most of the optical distortion from the outer edge of the lens, giving a colour corrected image.

Additionally available are loupes with achromatic and aplanatic lenses. These specially treated lenses are corrected for spherical aberrations and colour distortion, giving the user a perfect view of the object every time.

  • Powerful precision glass lens brings fine micro-detail into view
  • Made with the finest quality optics and with top quality metal cases
  • All supplied with leather storage cases
  • Available in brass of steel and in different size lenses
  • See our PDF for a magnification vs focal length overview

Small loupes are easy to carry and very good to view fine items such as hallmarks. Larger loupes are excellent to view larger items giving a broader all round view.

How to use an Eye Loupe:

1. Bring the loupe up to your eye as close as is comfortable and definitely without touching your eyeball.
2. This is not a contact lense so keep the loupe absolutely stationary and close to your eye, do not move the loupe.
3. There shouldn't be room for an object between your eye and the loupe. If there is, then get the loupe closer. Brushing against your eyelashes or your glasses is a good indicator that you've got it close enough.
4. Be sure to keep both eyes open. It is natural to want to close the other eye but eventually it leads to eye strain more quickly than keeping both eyes open.

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