Good lighting is very important, Cousins Material House's large range of lamps all omit Natural Daylight Simulation.

Take a look at our lamps and will soon become your best partner for all your projects!

Using a Daylight Simulation lamp you will find -
  • Excellent colour matching allows exact colour matching at any time of the day or night
  • Perfect clarity high levels of contrast ideal for detailed tasks
  • Relaxing on the eyes greater comfort allowing tasks to be carried out for longer
  • Shadow free light with low heat emission

Ideal for:
Bonsai - Clock & watch making - Electronics
Optical repairs - Air brushing - Cake decorating
Computer repairs - Engraving - Painting
Art & Graphics - Camera repairs - Crafts
Fly typing - Reading - Archaeology
Carving - Diy - Jewellery making
Sculpture - Automotive - Ceramics
Dental Labourites - Wax modelling - Sewing
Beauty - Chiropody - Doll house & miniatures
Nail painting - Stamp collecting

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