Good lighting is critical to any workshop & with Cousins' range of LED lamps you will have every conceivable requirement covered.

From the made in USA Arbe lamp to the Cousins range of superior quality yet affordable lamps we have something for every need and budget

Daylight simulation with other other light colours (warmnesses) available means:
  • Excellent colour matching allows exact colour matching at any time of the day or night
  • Perfect clarity high levels of contrast ideal for detailed tasks
  • Relaxing on the eyes greater comfort allowing tasks to be carried out for longer
  • Shadow free light with low heat emission

Ideal for:
Bonsai - Clock & watch making - Electronics
Optical repairs - Air brushing - Cake decorating
Computer repairs - Engraving - Painting
Art & Graphics - Camera repairs - Crafts
Fly typing - Reading - Archaeology
Carving - Diy - Jewellery making
Sculpture - Automotive - Ceramics
Dental Labourites - Wax modelling - Sewing
Beauty - Chiropody - Doll house & miniatures
Nail painting - Stamp collecting
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