Felt Cones & Cylinders

Felt Cones & Cylinders

Felt cones have excellent resilience and last longer when in use. Used with the appropriate compounds you can get a high standard, semi-bright mirror finish for inside rings & any type of cylindrical object.

Felt Cones:
  • Are very popular for jewellers, silversmiths, light engineers, model makers and in arts and crafts.
  • Can be used on a whole range of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, titanium, palladium, copper, brass, aluminium and steel.
  • Are very useful for getting into spherical awkward circular areas for example, inside rings and bangles
  • Can be mounted onto pendant drill spindles in order to reach awkward areas, with felt (code P3542) mounted on a mandrel (P1345M).
  • Are superb to get an expert polish inside rings and bangles.
  • Are a very economical and efficient method for batch work.
  • P3534 and P3535 codes have a metal support ring on the base strengthens the cone when winding onto the spindle.

Recommend compounds
  • P1388 Dialux Rouge
  • P7809 Platinum Final Finish Polinum Polishing Compound
  • P1394 Hyfin Final Finish Compound
  • P1410 Tripoli General Purpose Polishing Compound
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