Dumont Tweezers

Dumont Tweezers

Dumont Tweezers handmade tools since 1881

Discover a range of Swiss hand crafted tweezers in different fields. Guaranteed Swiss manufactured.

With various industries demanding the highest quality tools Dumont have been the forefront market leaders. Some applications Dumont tweezers are used include:

  • Watchmakers and repair services
  • Jewellery making / repairing
  • Medical
  • Cosmetic
  • Electronics and micro electronics
  • High precision engineering
  • Biology

Dumont tweezers are available in various versions:

  • Dumont Dumostar – 100% Anti-magnetic, meaning magnetic items (e.g. a watch rotor) will not stick to the tweezers. Dumostar is more elastic and more resistant to corrosion than the best stainless steels. It is also perfectly compatible with human tissue and is resistant to mineral and organic acids as well as salt. Heat resistant to sterilization temperatures of up to 550°C and never loses flexibility.

  • Dumont Dumoxel – 95% Anti-magnetic stainless steel, meaning magnetic items (e.g. a watch rotor) will stick to the tweezers but the tweezers will not become magnetised. Dumoxel is the most popular alloy among customers and was patented by Dumont to offer the best in resistance to corrosion thanks to its high concentration of molybdenum and chromium. Dumoxel also guarantees an excellent resistance to sulphuric environments, hydrochloric acid, as well as all other mineral and organic acids. Heat resistant to sterilization temperatures of up to 400°C and is suitable for autoclave sterilization at 270°C.

  • Dumont ESD - Electrostatic discharge safe, black conductive coated tweezers. The coating eliminates static electricity making them excellent for when working with electrical components.

  • Dumont Hi-Tec – Stainless Steel, a patented alloy providing the most favourable aspects of stainless steel as well as sufficient hardness and durability.

  • Dumont Original – Carbon Steel, will endure hard use of the tips, can become magnetised.

  • Dumont Super Hi-Tec – Titanium, totally resistant to corrosion from nitric acid, chloride, salt water and the like. More flexible than stainless steel and 40% lighter. Titanium 100% anti-magnetic and resistant up to temperatures of around 430°C.

  • Inox 02 - a standard magnetic stainless steel composed of C, Mn, Cr and Si. This alloy is not as hard as carbon steels because it contains Chromium. lnox 02 will resist temperatures of around 400°C (DIN 50 914), but cannot be sterilized.
Dumont Tweezers
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