Disc Cutters

Disc Cutters are used in the design and manufacture of jewellery such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and broaches, for contemporary or traditional designs.

Cutting or saw piecing circles can be arduous to perfect the complete shape; therefore disc cutters are used to cut out circular pieces from sheet metal quickly and precisely. We hold a wide range of disc cutting tools which cover a variety of sizes from 2mm to 24mm, including high quality and economic sets. The Italian and English cutters have exceptional quality and are made to a very high standard using the best grade tool steel. These tools can last a working lifetime.

Disc Cutters are made from hardened tool steel and constructed and designed to cut soft metals such as gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminium, tin, gilding metal, bronze and pewter as well as textiles such as leather. We recommend cutting up to 1mm diameter of sheet metal with any of our disc cutters, based on gold and silver.

Some handy tips when using a disc cutter:

Select the corresponding cutting punch for the hole to be cut. Spay the area with WD40 (code C32756) to lubricate the cutting punch, this fine and inexpensive oil is ideal to use with these tools. Remove the punch from the cutting whole and place the sheet into the side slit, strike the top of the punch firmly with a hammer (code H9621) the cutter punch will puncture the piece and push out the disc.

We recommend these hammers to use with the following cutting punches when using our disc cutter range…

Use H5107 Ball Pein Hammer with Disc cutting tools D5206, D200869 and D4225.
Use H33138, 16oz Blocking Hammer with Disc Cutting Tool, D8351.

View our range of forming tools, particularly Doming Blocks and Punches, highly suitable to use with disc cutting tools when designing and making.

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