Dies (by Size)

Dies (by Size)

A die fashions a thread on a piece of wire or a bar

Using dies:

  • Measure the wire/bar and use a die 0.1mm smaller than the desired thread small. For instance if the wire is a millimetre then use a 0.9mm die.
  • The wire / bar should be chamfered to ensure threading can be started with ease, file the end to attain a slight taper.
  • Preferably hold the wire/bar vertically in a table vice or alternatively hold with a hand vice, the former will make threading easier and more precise. Great care must be taken to start threading true to the axis of the wire/bar.
  • Cut lube or bees wax should be used to rub over the wire/bar before you start, to lubricate.
  • The threads must be cleaned as often as is necessary with compressed air or a rubber blower.

PLEASE NOTE: NEVER turn a tap in a die, doing this will damage the threads on both tools, use a measuring gauge (G9737) to determine the size of the tap needed.
Dies (by Size)
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