Collet Plates, Bezel Blocks & Punches

Collets are metal bands/claws which surround a gemstone and collet making is an important and essential skill in the art of stone setting

The art of collet making has been used for generations with jewellery makers all over the world. Modern times though have changed the way jewellers use collets/mounts as when designing a handmade piece they can buy readymade mounts. This can prove to be costly and you will not always find the styles/sizes your customer requires or prefers. Using readymade mounts also takes away that defining element of handmade jewellery which your customers will appreciate more and are willing to pay for. There is nothing like fashioning and making collet mounts specific to your designs giving further elegance to your jewellery range.

We have a wide selection available with different shapes, sizes and angles, all made from highest quality steel. Looked after properly, they could well last a life time and may even be passed from one generation to the next.

Quick guide to making a collet:

1. Measure your gemstone and work out its outer size all round circumference/perimeter.
2. Cut a straight strip of metal; gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, brass etc.
3. Depending on the shape of your gemstone, form your strip around a mandrel; round, square, oval, triangle, rectangle, oval etc. (Ref M20873A)
4. Solder the joining seam.
5. You will notice our great range of collet blocks/plates available in various shapes, sizes and angles. This allows you to choose one that will suit your design ambitions.
6. Form your shape in to your collet block and plate, this process is also known as coning.
7. You can then saw, file or burr your collet to your obtain one of many possible effects and styles

  • Oval - 4 to 14mm
  • Rectangle - 5 to 15mm
  • Round - 5 to 20mm
  • Square - 4 to 14m
  • Tear Drop - 4 to 14mm

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