Carriage Clock Hands, Ø1.95/Ø3.35mm

Carriage Clock Hands, Ø1.95/Ø3.35mm

Carriage clock hands are suitable for our UTS & Seiko carriage clock quartz clock movements.

Carriage Clock Hand Collet Dimensions:
  • Minute: Ø1.95mm
  • Hour: Ø3.35mm
  • Centre Seconds: Ø0.25mm
  • Alarm hand: Ø5.00mm

All clock hands are measured from collet centre to tip of minute hand.

Carriage Clock Movement Collet Dimensions:
  • UTS movements: Minute= Ø1.95mm, Hour = Ø3.35mm
  • Seiko movements: Minute = Ø1.90mm, Hour = Ø3.09mm

The hands are generic and can be adjusted to fit. The hand collets may require slots being cut for pinching (by using a piercing saw) and/or the collet can be shortened by filing.
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