Bristle, including Mounted

Bristle, including Mounted

  • Black Bristle
  • White Bristle
  • Black Bristle with Calico Interleave
  • White Bristle with Scotch Brite interleave
  • Grey / White Horse Hair
  • White Goat Hair

Bristle Wheels are very popular in the polishing industry some of the usages are:
  • excellent for polishing/brightening over stone setting like fine pave work, channel settings, rub over/bezel settings etc
  • you will find that the bristles will get in-between the stone setting hence added brightness to the setting
  • use before rhodiummmm finishing; you will notice an enhanced brighter finish
  • very good to get into grooves and shapes
  • available in various grades to handle delicate or harsher work for finishing
  • bristle wheels can be used on gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, brass, plastics, aluminium, pewter, tin, steel, and wood
  • Max 2,000 - 2,800 r.p.m.

The Bristle Wheels have very good wear and last longer when in use, very economical for batch work; used with the right bar of compounds you can get a high standard, bright finish.

Recommended compounds:
  • P1388 Dialux Rouge
  • P7809 Platinum Final Finish Polinum Polishing Compound
  • P19467 Titanium & Stainless Steel Specialist Polinoxx Polishing Compound
  • P1390 Steelbrite Final Finish Compound

The stiffness of each brush is determined by the number of rows (the more the stiffer), bristle length (the shorter the stiffer), and style (converging will be stiffer then straight).
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