Aluminium Oxide, including Mounted

Aluminium Oxide, including Mounted

Composition of a spun polypropylene fibre in flap or lap format containing aluminium oxide greatly enhances its abrasive power to the extent that it will actually scratch glass.

Some uses for aluminium oxide wheels:
  • Commonly used for light cleaning and rust removing work
  • For obtaining a matt or satin finish on most metals; rings, bracelets, pendants, bangles and brooches
  • Give contrasting effects on all surfaces, particularly watch graining, to create a matt finish to restore your old watch.
  • Very good for the clock repairer and restorer to clean up oxidisation/rust; fast effective way to remove old lacquer from aged clocks
  • Using the 'fine' and 'very fine' grades gives you an effect similar to a frosted car windscreen

Ever wondered how they do the finish on gothic Celtic jewellery and models?

  • Aluminium oxide wheels are used to create an antique finish using ageing ammonium hydrosulphide chemical, our code C6263, or metal ageing chemical CC60, our code C6264
  • When you have blackened the item, use an aluminium oxide wheel to take off the silver ageing ammonium hydrosulphide chemical
  • The areas the wheel can not reach will leave an aged effect on the piece
  • In a time where antique jewellery is becoming more popular, this is a quick and easy way to obtain this look in a economical way

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