Wristwatch Annual 2020

Wristwatch Annual 2020
The leading collector's guide to fine mechanical watches for over twenty years.
Full specification (and prices) for more than 1,400 watches from 125 international brands, curated by two of the top experts. Also includes editorial coverage of the latest watch trends.
No other print or online publication brings together all this information in one place. Watches are the number-one men's accessory, and collectors are passionately interested in the kind of details that Wristwatch Annual provides.
This year’s edition, like its predecessors, will feature a variety of additional articles on independent watchmaking, key personalities in the watch world, and the technical aspects of horology. An illustrated glossary and a primer on watch care help acclimate the reader to the world of fine timepieces.
  • 352 pages
  • 1400 colour illustrations
  • Includes over 1400 models from over 125 international brands
  • 29.8 x 21cm
  • ISBN 978-0789213525
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