Rolex Wristwatches, Edition 3

Rolex Wristwatches, Edition 3

by Dowling & Hess
Revised & Expanded 3rd edition "With Values".
Over 30 newly discovered wristwatches are included in this volume, along with new information and a revised value guide.
In addition there are detailed looks at some of Rolex's legendary movements.
Dowling and Hess, both acknowledged Rolex authourities, have captured the watches' beauty in colour photography
and present the most thorough and extensive history written of the company.
The watches and the extensive information this book offers to collectors make it a truly useful volume, one that will be cherished by watch lovers around the world.
Big Book-Lavishly illustrated in colour throughout the 400 pages.
Forms an immense source of reference for anyone concerned with the brand, 400 pages, hardback.
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