Bezel Removing & Case Opening Tool, Horotec

  • Horotec MSA 07.115

Tool to open snap on watch case backs or to remove turning bezels.

The watch is placed upside down on the height's adjustable green rubber
sprung loaded support mount.
The action can be made by 2 blades placed opposite to each other or by
one blade and the white delrinn die placed to oposite.
The white delrin die has a hole Ø10mm to eventually place the watch crown inside.

Supplied with:
  • 2 blades, widths 2mm,
  • 2 blades, width 4mm
  • 1 delrin die and pin to remove blades

Interchangeable Spare Parts:
  • C31508 (07.115-A): one blade only width 2mm
  • C31509 (07.115-B): one blade only width 4mm
  • C31510 (07.115-C): delrin die
  • C31511 (07.115-D): pin for removing blades
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