Complete Set (Flat, Domed & Square Dies)

  • 17 round dies
  • 6 square dies
  • 1 base die
  • Superior quality, made in Korea
  • Supplied in sturdy storage and transportation case
  • Supplied in sturdy storage and transportation case
  • Can be used with any Horotec, A*F or Bergeon Swiss threaded die press (Including Bergeon 5500)
Can also be used with our code C38223
Round reversible dies:
  • Ø18/20, Ø22/24, Ø26/28, Ø30/32mm
  • Ø34/36, Ø38/40, Ø42/44, Ø46/48mm
Round dies:
  • Ø16, Ø27, Ø32, Ø35, Ø39mm
  • Ø50, Ø53, Ø56, Ø59mm
Square dies:
  • 23.8, 28.8, 33.8, 38.8, 43.8, 48.8mm

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