Hermle 1161.853HS (85cm)

Hermle 1161.853HS (85cm)

  • Hermle 1161.853
  • 85cm stamped on the movement
  • Pendulum length is 85cm, from top of the suspension spring to bottom of the pendulum (measurement A)
    Additional fittings available (not supplied with the movement):
  • Weight Filling, Hermle E005.02592, see reference H38196
  • Weight Filling, Hermle E005.02602, see reference H38197
  • Weight Shell with Polished Cap, Hermle B029.825604, see reference H38198
  • Pendulum Rod 945mm, Hermle B026.02710, see reference H38199
  • Pendulum Bob Ø: 115mm, see reference P37689
  • Gong, Hermle B226-00920, see reference G8868
  • Night silence mechanism, see reference H28917
8 day triple chime, cable driven clock movement, 48.5mm shaft
Discontinued Not available to order

This item is NOT available to order. The item is no longer being produced by the manufacturer or available for supply. Please see our alternatives link if available.

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