Witschi Chronoscope S1 (G2)

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Witschi - Chronoscope S1 (G2) - Generation 2 - For Mechanical Movements
  • The chronoscope can be used either with the standard micophone (T12040) or the automatic microphone "Micromat S" (W34910) which offers seven different measurement cycles.
  • Generation 2 Chronoscope S1 with capacitive touch screen
  • Power range 100 to 240 volt (can be used either at 240 volt or 115 volt)
The measurement results, the average values and the largest deviations are available in a table at the end of the measurement cycle. The new «VARIO» display mode provides a fast overview of the quality and stability of the rate accuracy. It is the ideal mode for the receiving inspection and the point of sales in a specialized watch shop.
  • Rate precision: +/- 0.1s/d (range +/- 999s/d)
  • Amplitude precision: +/- 0.4° (range 80° to 360°)
  • Beat error precision: +/- 0.1ms (range 0 to 9.9ms)
  • Vibration range: 3600 to 72000
  • Lift angle: 10° to 90°
Also available:
  • Automatic microphone available (Witschi micromat S): W34910
  • Printer available: P15224 or P38415
  • Witschi auto print kit: W38268
  • Replacement power adapter: M56850
  • Can also test quartz movements with the microphone for quartz movements: W47896 (supplied separately)
  • Bluetooth module to connect to Witschi printer wirelessly: B49303
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