Vallorbe Power Graver, Enset Compact

Vallorbe Power Graver - Enset Compact
The same as the EnSet Original, but with only 1 handpiece port
The Glardon Vallorbe EnSet compact by Syenset is an innovative pneumatic engraving and stone setting system for all jewellers and metalsmiths. The EnSet has patent pending technology that allows users to control EnSet handpieces fitted with gravers, beading tools, hammer tips and other tools with great power and sensitivity. Set stones and engrave with effortless precision.
  • For engravers, jewellers, stone setters and hobbyists
  • Operating gravers, beading tools, hammer tips, chisels and millgrain tools
  • Working from a single hit to an adjustable rate ranging from 60 to 1500 hits per minute
  • Minimal air requirements: 0.02 - 0.03 litres minimum at the maximum 3 bar setting
  • Zero air use during standby mode
  • Single port, meaning 1 handpiece can be used
  • Auto-purging system, quick change connectors
  • Offering power and control thanks to its large adjustment capacity
  • Desktop unit controls the rest of the parameters, adjusting pressure and power by a large dial control and easy to read analogue display
  • Enset© foot pedal offers precise control on air pulses per minute while cutting
  • Analogue display
  • Sealed units protect against fluids, such as water or oil contamination
  • Compact size, easy to fit on or under your desk
  • Handpiece supplied separately, please see our codes E53295 & E53296
  • Requires compressor, see our code C12606
  • For machine gravers see from our codes G41440 & G45784
  • Dual voltage, 110/220 volt
  • Glardon Vallorbe
  • EnSet compact desktop control with 1 handpiece port
  • Foot pedal
  • Purging bowl with filter
  • Multi voltage power adapter
  • User manual
  • Handpiece is supplied separately, please see our codes E53295 & E53296
  • 200 x 145 x 135 (height x width x depth)
  • 5.5Kg
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