Universal Case Back Tool, Swiss Style

Swiss Style
  • Jaw holder especially created for big cases, opening up 60mm
  • Anodised metal base (200 x 110mm)
  • Large ergonomic top wheel (Ø150mm) for ease of opening and closing
  • Die cast frame, total height 300mm
  • Spring loaded for extra ease
  • Base can be screwed to bench for extra stability
  • Case opening tool with base
  • Adjustable jaw holder C50446, maximum opening 60mm
  • Case Holder C62852
  • Case Holder Jaws C62708
  • Hardened steel case opening tool bits
  • 6 pairs of hardened steel pins for case backs: Slots (2 pairs), polygonal, holes, points, grooved
  • 4 pairs of case holding jaws: 9/11mm, 13/15mm, 17/19mm & 20/22mm
Offers Maximum Flexibility and Interchangeability with Dies.
The majority of case back dies we sell for our universal case back removing & fitting tools (Bergeon, Horotec & Swiss Style) are all interchangeable with each other.
  • All Universal dies fit directly on to the tools
  • All Universal with Adapter dies fit on to the tools using adaptor C0318 or C39846
  • Lower fitting suction dies for gripping & holding watch cases face down whilst unscrewing the case back, see item C0326
  • All Ø6mm thread screw on dies will fit on to the tools using adaptors D47901 & D49702
Universal Case Back Tool, Swiss Style
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