Universal Case Back Tool, Horotec

Horotec 07.360
Horotec tool only, build your own set with the vast array of dies & bits available!
Horotec professional precision press. Heavy and robust, built in steel and aluminium. Equipped with removable and adjustable watch holder with 4 Delrin dies to hold the watch cases securely and horizontally. Excellent frontal, lateral or plunging view. Large ergonomic top wheel (Ø160mm) for ease of opening and closing screw on case backs
  • Adjustable jaw holder, maximum opening 65mm
  • 4 pairs of jaws (round, flat, square, knurled)
  • Watch holder with 4 concave dies (height 18mm, max opening 70mm)
Offers Maximum Flexibility and Interchangeability with Dies.
The majority of case back dies we sell for our universal case back removing & fitting tools (Bergeon, Horotec & Swiss Style) are all interchangeable with each other.
  • All Universal dies fit directly on to the tools
  • All Universal with Adapter dies fit on to the tools using adaptor C0318 or C39846
  • All Ø6mm thread screw on dies will fit on to the tools using adaptors D47901 & D49702
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