Screw Closing Press, with Even Pressure Spreading Disc (Two Stage Precision Closing)

Case Back Closing Press - Single Stage - Superior - Heavy Duty
  • Includes an even pressure spreading disc, providing a greater surface area meaning that pressure is exerted more evenly on the dies and case back
  • Exerts extra, more even pressure than any other similar sized press
  • Also with 2 stage closing. The initial turns will rapidly lower the top die onto the job, then a fine thread takes over to apply measured final pressure to gently close the case
  • Superior quality
  • Supplied as per picture including 16 delrin dies, Ø18 to Ø50mm
  • Ideal case closer for awkward snap on backs
  • Quick and easy fitting of case backs
  • Smooth, matt, high quality finish
  • For Screw fixing dies
  • Supplied with flat and recessed dies
  • For domed & flat watch glasses and case backs
  • Spare pressure disc our code C41040
  • Made in China
  • Base 115 x 110 x 10mm
  • Overall height 200mm
  • Handle diameter Ø80mm
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