Rack Press (Screw on Dies)

Rack Press - For Screw on Dies
Stable precision press, equipped with a head and a massive aluminium base mounted on 2 robust steel columns. The frontal part "V" shaped, allows the glass fitting without removing the bracelets.
The steel axle slides freely in a self-lubricated sleeve for maximum precision. This is essential for fitting back cases, crystals or bezels without scratching. The end of the threaded axle (Ø6mm) is specially made for screwing all dies in a perfect horizontal position meaning changing dies becomes easier. The lever covered is with an anti-skid rubber and equipped with a return spring, which allows a fine control of fitting pressure.
  • Rack Press
  • Takes all Ø6mm thread screw on dies
  • For case backs, glasses, bezels etc
  • Can be used without removing/opening the bracelet
  • See video link above
  • Horotec 06.135
  • Made in Switzerland
  • 80 x 225 x 180mm
  • 2Kg
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