Inside Ring Engraver

A*F Swiss 106.620

An excellent quality precision made engraver in hammer finish enamel using a natural diamond cutter. Very stable and easy to use, compact base designred for use on a desk or work bench. Supplied with a conventional reversible template, on one side standard English letters, on the other side italic letters.

  • Height 360mm x Width 150mm x Depth 210mm
  • 26 letters, 9 digits & 5 signs
  • Weight: 5Kg

An inside ring engraving machine is a must for any retail jewellery shop jobber or repairer.

  • There is nothing like offering a personnel service for your customers by engraving their messages inside a ring for eternity.
  • Sending engraving jobs away to a engraver is fine but there is nothing like having a engraving done while your customers waits improving your customer services which leads to sales decisions straight away.
  • The A*F Swiss is the old original unit which has been around for many generations, popular throughout the world. An extremely well built unit made for precision engraving in mind.
  • Using an inside ring engraving machine does not require great skill or training so anyone can learn how to operate one with ease. When you first get your machine of your choice, practice on some blank rings, this will give you the idea how to set the unit up for engraving.
  • The unit works on a pantograph system. The pointer below which you move in the engravers round template duplicates the action above with a diamond tip against the inside of the ring hence scribing your letters/signs.

How to use:

1. The machine has a round brass template which has two style of letters as well as numbers
2. The unit has nylon jaws which open and close to lock your ring into the engraving position. The locking/open knob for ring chuck adjusting is located at the bottom next to the circular black gear plate. (please note E35231 has a additional locking clamp on the gear face plate)
3. Once your ring is locked and you have chosen your engraving formation push down the guide pin into the inscribed brass template.
4. Push down the lever left hand side this will place the diamond tip into position on your ring and move the guide point in the scribed letter on the brass template
5. You will notice the point in the centre of the ring moving touching the ring hence engraving a letter number or sign
6. To move to the next letter push the lever up and the black gear plate will move to the next space where you can continue your next letter.
7. One can put more space between letters by adjusting the spacer control knob located on the left hand side of the black gear plate
8. Once you get the hang of it one can proceed with a faster working time.
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