Half Round (1560V) Vallorbe Swiss, Regular Valtitan

Vallorbe 1560V - Swiss Made - Invest in the Best - Valtitan

Valtitan - The worlds hardest steel file

Created exclusively by and for Usines Métallurgiques de Vallorbe, the Valtitan treatment is a unique surface coating that gives products a surface hardness of 72 HRc.

Essential for materials that are difficult to file, the chromium-plating process makes the file harder, stainless and extends its service life considerably. It is also highly resistant to corrosive or humid environments, without the need for lubrication protection. A Valtitan file does not burr, but encourages chip removal. This particular coating also acts as a thermal barrier which allows the file to preserve its hardness when retouching hot workpieces.

Dimensions: Length (excludes Tang) x (Cut) x Section in mm

Half round ring files taper in width and thickness, coming to a point. Used for filing inside of rings.

  • Made from high carbon steel, hardness 72HRc +/-2
  • Perfect for filing platinum and stainless steel
  • Certified ISO 9001 / EN29001
  • Cut = Higher the number, smoother (finer) the cut

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